Porter Finance – 100% honest review

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Porter Finance – 100% honest review

Nowadays there are many binary option platforms that are at disposal to traders. Most of them have different features and traders find them compatible or not. The more organized and built the platform the more it will be suitable for the traders and it will attract their attention. The feature that attracts most of the customers are the bonuses and Porter Finance has plenty of them.

One of the great advantages of this binary option broker is that supports demo account, which means that every new trader has the opportunity to open a demo account and see the first hand If this platform suits his needs. The demo account simulates the work of the real account, it has the same features, traders are given virtual money in order to experience online trading. This type of account provides them to learn new skills, even if they don’t have previous experience. If you are beginner tray binary trading signals demo.binary-options-demo-account

Most of the trading platforms don’t allow their demo accounts to be used without a previously made deposit, in this way they want to protect their property from entertaining traders, who would use their services, without intention to sign up for the real account. Instead, they provide learning material which every visitor of the site can use. The advantage of demo account is that it can prepare the traders for the real life trading, giving them actual examples and helping them learn something new.

bonus-icon3-300x225Every trading platform uses bonuses to attract new clients and Porter Finance isn’t any different. It uses its own methods and benefits to engage more traders into this type of trade. One of the features that attracts most of the clients is the bonus award on made deposit. Bonuses provide them to have more money on their accounts, than they would have if they depended only on their own financing.

This binary option broker offers five accounts for the traders; beginner, standard, gold, platinum and VIP. Each of these accounts has special benefits and are designed for different types of clients. This only proves that Porter Finance respect its customers and offer opportunity even to inexperienced traders to participate in their operations and make money.

This platform is completely web – based and provides users to open an account once they enter their personal information. Every time they want to trade with this platform, they will be required to enter username and password. In order to fully enjoy their trading account, they will have to provide a copy of ID or utility bills.

Minimum deposit is $200, which isn’t too much high, but still serious and with a purpose to make real trader open up an account. If they didn’t have a deposit, or had too small deposit, they will end up with a large number of accounts that are inactive, since the traders weren’t serious while registering. Minimum trade amount is $5.

They accept various methods of payment, such as Master Card, Visa Electron, bank wire, Skrill, Neteller and others. Their trading platform supports all types of smartphones and the have Android and iOS applications.

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Is Porter Finance legit binary option broker?

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Is Porter Finance legit binary option broker?

Porter Finance is one of the most growing trading platforms that have managed to secure all type of traders with good customer support service, trading and education materials and many more useful features. Traders who are long in this line of business, recommend Porter Finance as an excellent trading platform, they state that is safe, reliable and trustworthy.

This trading platform offers five type of trading accounts, beginner, standard, gold, platinum and VIP. Minimum deposit is $200, minimum investment per trade is $5, maximum investment is $2,500, but it can be increased with a help of account manager. Maximum return is 83%, which is promising and quite good.

Top-9-Best-Unlocked-Android-Smartphones-Mobiles-Under-200-Dollars-USD-9Porter Finance beginner account involves deposit of $200, bonus is 30%, traders will receive weekly market’s reviews and e – book intended for learning.

Standard account involves deposit of $750, 40% of bonus, daily and weekly market’s reviews, e – book, access to the academy and one trading strategy.

More exclusive accounts, such as gold and platinum involve above mentioned features, only deposits and bonuses are bigger and traders get an opportunity to experience free trades and money management tips.

VIP account is designed for most experienced traders, they need to invest $100,000, benefits aren’t publicly displayed, but they are told by the manager of the account.

In order for traders to achieve the bonuses they need to meet certain conditions, we notice that traders need to make 30 times turnover to withdraw the funds. We urge all our readers to get to know with these conditions and to read terms of use before they accept any. Visit http://10bestbinaryrobots.com for more information.

computeruser1During the time we spent on this platform, we found that Porter Finance is easy to use, it has shown us to be very responsive and adjust quickly to the client’s needs. Binary option types that are available on this platform are one touch, high and low pairs, long term, ladder and turbo option. With this wide range to use, traders will easily find the best option for them.

This trading platform offers more than 100 underlying assets, 100 stocks, 11 commodities, 53 indices and 28 currency pairs. Porter Finance Academy has a large number of learning materials, e -books, tutorials, videos, they are divided into categories and intended for a different type of clients, from beginners to experts. Porter Finance supports risk management tools, which is a really good feature.

They have various types of customer support services, their support center is available 24/7 and traders can contact them through e -mail, live chat, phone or Skype. Personnel that works with them is friendly, well-educated and aims to help. Phone numbers are available in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK and South Africa. Trader will have at their disposal FAQ tab, where they can find answers to all questions. Every problem is explained to details and examples are provided.

creditcardsMethod of payment that this binary option broker supports are bank wire, Master Card, Visa Electron, debit cards, Neteller, MoneyBookers, Skrill and others. It involves payment in USD, EUR, CAD, GPD and AUD.

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Is Porter Finance a good broker?

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Is Porter Finance a good broker?

Porter Finance has recently introduced itself to the market. Company started working in 2014 and its London-based. Even though it’s still young, it offers a large variety of services to the clients and for this short amount of time it has ripped all positive reviews and built a good reputation. What’s most important they serve U.S clients. If you are new traders and still getting to know this type of trading, Porter Finance web page offers a number of educative materials and information available at any moment. No wonder it is considered as one of the top binary robots.

This binary option broker is still not regulated, but they have shown its traders great knowledge about laws, which you can see on their webpage. They state that U.S. citizens are restricted to using this platform for trading currencies and commodities due to a CFTC regulation. This means that Porter Finance understands laws and it’s determined to obey it, which couldn’t be said from many other brokers, they immediately shut them down, because they don’t understand regulations. They welcome U.S traders very gladly, but still with this letter of the law.

Opening-Up-A-Binary-Options-Account-The-Easy-WayIt’s very easy to open an account with this broker, when you go to their website, at the upper left corner you will see a tab “open account”, once you click on the tab, you will be redirected to page which you must fill with your personal information, such as name, address, e – mail, phone and others. At the right side of the site, you will be able to choose type of account, based on your needs.

Earn-Extra-IncomeIn order to start with a trading, you must fund your account, minimum deposit is $200. Depending on a type of account you choose, there are different benefits and advantages, but deposit and bonuses are bigger.

For a beginner’s account, you will need to deposit $250, you will get 30% of bonus, weekly market reviews and e – book trading guide.

Standard account requires bigger investment, minimum deposit is $750, but the bonus is bigger,40%. It also includes daily and weekly markets reviews, membership to the Academy, trading e – book, and trading strategy.

If you deposit $5,000, you will become an owner of gold account, you will get 75% of bonus, plus all benefit mentioned above, with an addition of five trades that are risk-free, three trading strategies and money management training.

For serious traders who deposit $10,000 will get 100% of bonus, weekly and daily market reviews, e- book, membership to the Academy, five trading strategies, 10 trades that are risk-free and money management training.

Porter Finance has in its offer an exclusive VIP account designed for traders who will deposit $100,000, but for further information you will need to contact your account manager. Last year, it has been listed as one of the Best binary option robots.vip

Keep in mind that these bonuses come with some terms you need to fulfill, so read well all conditions of use.

Porter Finance have excellent deposit and withdrawal policy, they support various methods of payment, such as debit/credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, bank wire, MoneyBookers and others.

Their customer support service is exceptional

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How to trade with Porter Finance?

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How to trade with Porter Finance?

Not many brokers can praise themselves on high-quality service that they present to the traders. There are few binary option brokers that are top in this industry and Porter Finance took place among them. But, what does this broker offers to be so distinctive from the others? First, it has a platform that can be easy managed, customer support service is out of the charts, variety of underling assets, a number of payment methods and well – educated team of experts. It is important to emphasize that this is not a binary option robot scam!

In order to trade with Porter Finance, you will need to open an account, it’s an easy procedure that requires only a few minutes. Once you finish with this, you will have the opportunity to choose between five different types of accounts, beginners, standard, gold, platinum and VIP. Each of these accounts has certain benefits and they are intended for a various type of traders.OptionFair-Account-Types

Minimum deposit is $200 and minimum amount per trade is $5. Porter finance has really good deposit bonuses, but keep in mind that they come with certain terms and condition of use. If you accept them, you won’t be able to withdraw money after a short period of time, or you be required to place a number of trades.

Considering their withdrawal policy, Porte Finance allows its traders to withdraw money for free, except for bank wire. First month, when you use bank wire is free and every next is paid – fee with $30. Minimum withdrawal through credit cards and e – wallets is $30 and through bank wire is $100, though the maximum amount of withdrawal via bank wire is not limited.withdrawal-slip-and-new-100-bills_573x300

Porter Finance offers various type of trades:

Binary – this is a classical high/low trade, where trader must guess if a certain asset will be bellow or above the current price before the trade expires. If trader is right, he will be awarded with payoff, if he’s wrong, he will lose the investment.

Pairs – traders can make money by evaluating the performance of one asset over another.

Long term – these represents high and low trades with longer expiration time.

60 second – high and low trades with the expiration time of one minute.

One Touch – this is a popular type of binary option, where trader wins the money if certain asset touches the designed price, before it expires.

Ladder – this is a type of trade where trader can earn the money if the price climbs or falls as he predicted. Trader can earn up to 1500 percent in profits.

Methods of payment are credit and debit card, Moneybookers, Neteller, Skrill bank wire and many others.

When we look all these features, we can easily determine that Porter Finance is a good and legit binary option broker. Even though they are not regulated, they express the great knowledge regarding the laws and regulations. Porter Finance has great reputations and excellent customer support service. Their website is full of useful information, well – organized and easy managed. Since they accept U.S traders, we give them full recommendation.

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Has Porter Finance had any complaints?

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Has Porter Finance had any complaints?

Since Porter Finance is a new addition to binary option market, it has established a really good reputation, considering it’s still young. The company was founded in 2014 and already has gained a large number of clients. With well-designed features, good organized platform, excellent team of experts and affordable services has made it to the top. That is confirmed by binary option robot review that can be found on the Internet.

This binary option broker offers more than 100 underling assets, which have a number of trading modules, so every trader can find the option that suits him the most. The trading platform supports various methods of payment and this whole procedure is protected with SSL encryption. The company has provided education center where traders can learn something about this type of trading and with a demo account they can prepare themselves when the real money trading begins. We have tested this broker on the mentioned above feature and found nothing on which we can redirect our complaints because everything is running smoothly.Roe_Education_IMG_7779-1400x710

If there are any complaints on the Internet they are rare and anonymous, left by individuals. There isn’t business in the world that doesn’t get from time to time some bad reviews. Since we examined closely these reviews and concluded that they are left by unsatisfied costumers, after losing their investment. The person who loses the money in this type of trade is a subject of its own bad decisions and the company isn’t responsible for that choice. That is why Porter Finance offers their client use of demo account, so they can get to know with this type of trading and exclude possible monetary loss.

Since the company offers a wide range of useful trading tools, customers have the opportunity to review them and learn something about them though learning center, but it isn’t company’s responsibility how the trader will decide to use them and which options they will decide to trade. Company only aims to provide best possible conditions for successful trading.binary-options-strategy-that-works

Their customer support service is one of the most praised features over the Internet. People who work with them are polite, educated and always ready to help when a problem is presented. Traders can contact them via e -mail, phone, live chat, or through Skype. They are available within business working hours, but if you encounter some problems, you can always send them an e -mail and they will respond you within 24 hours. From this, you can see how they think highly of their clients and consider them to be their most valuable asset.

To sum everything up, you will notice that there aren’t any kind of real reasons for complaints because the trader has a large variety of useful tool and feature at disposal.
Online complains are always made by traders who lose their investment due to a bad decision, which is not the company’s responsibility. We have tested this broker by ourselves and end up with very positive results and we would recommend it to every future trader, because it has set up some standards and brought reliability in binary option market.

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